We are able to provide a bespoke and comprehensive range of vehicles to meet your requirements . Our transport services and fleet are managed independently by our own partners who ensure our services are compliant with all current regulations and licensing.


Do you need to ship goods but don't have transport? Our hard working and experienced team are able to source vehicles for you. Whatever your needs and expectations, we will work closely with you to get your product on the move.


We manage: Supply and distribution logistics; Warehousing; Internal distribution of goods, and offer dependable and reliable chains of supply. We have a proven track record, and are always able to find an effective solution for your business .

3rd Category: Reduced transport costs, without harming the environment.

Transport services of 3-rd category of animal products are an independent section of our offer.


 We ensure full Logistics service for our clients.

Our experience is our guarantee of reliability.

The key principle of marketing says that the objective of any company is mutual satisfaction, or in other words: Happy Customer equals Happy Seller.
The above implies that logistics services are one of the key elements of an efficient company. Professional logistics services help reduce expenses and build customer trust in your company. An efficient logistics system ensures timely deliveries to the recipient and streamlined service for continuous supplies. It helps also clean the space in warehouses.


Our offer covers logistics services, i.e. logistics of supplies and distribution, e.g. warehousing, internal distribution of goods and the whole chain of supplies to your company. Your cooperation with us translates into benefits, such as: ergonomics of operation, reduction of administrative procedures and reliability of supplies. Our experience stands for effectiveness.


Development is necessary for achieving a competitive position in the global market. We mark our path of development not only by putting innovative products in ever-changing market, but also by putting products and services in new international markets.


Our company meets the highest standards. Through constant improvement we want to achieve a superb work organisation. Customer’s demands as regards quality of our services remain our priority.


Our objective is to become a leader in the logistics market. Innovative products and competitive solutions for cost optimization strengthen our market position and constitute the basis for long-term profitability.


We place our Customers at the heart of everything we do. Innovative thinking and trade, prompt and reliable replies, and kindly readiness to deliver our services have one goal: to meet the demands of our Customers.


“Today we think about tomorrow”
For us, innovative thinking is the basic skill in all our operations. Our priority is to produce Customer-oriented benefits by offering our innovative solutions and services.